Dohar vs. Quilt, What is the difference?

Buying bedding is never easy, especially these days when we are spoilt for choice. It can be difficult to judge the quality, material, and of course the look and feel before actually using it on your bed. Differentiating between a Dohar and Quilt online is no less daunting than it is to go looking for one in the market with various quality options at different price points. So we put together a guide to help you understand the difference between a Dohar and Quilt, and which one to go for basis your bedroom and sleeping preferences.

What is a Dohar? 

A bedding topper that wraps around you like a warm hug. One cannot resist the softness and feel of pure Cotton Dohar when you need to tuck yourself in and chill-out.
Dohar has different names in different parts of the world - thin blanket / coverlet / duvet/ thin comforter/ Indian comforter/ AC Dohar.
AC Dohar
The term “Dohar” comes from a Hindi word “Dohrana'' which means layers. A Dohar is made up of three layers, the middle layer is Falalen, a thin layer of cotton, while the upper and lower layers are made from soft cotton/ Mulmul fabric.
Mulmul is airy and breathable to keep one cool in summer and warm in light winters. Being lightweight, they are a great pick for summers, monsoons and light winters. In modern homes, it is used in summers while sleeping with air conditioners turned on. They absorb moisture and keep the you cool through the night.
It is easy to maintain  a Dohar at home as they are machine washable and get softer after every wash. It is recommended to dry dohar in shade if it’s hand-blocked. Buy Cotton Dohar Online for this season.

 What is a Quilt?

A Cotton Quilt is made up of three layers: top, inner batting, and bottom. They are filled with a thin layer of cotton which makes them light weight. During the process of making, cotton is compressed in to a thin layer. 
Jaipuri Razai quilts are known to be artsy, lightweight, fluffy and soft. They are quite warm too.
Cotton Quilt
Perfect to use in AC rooms and Winters, they are used all year round, but most popular during the cooler months. You may also use them on top of your blanket during peak winters. Buy Cotton Quilt online if you like to sleep cozy.