"Welcome to Elite Furnishing, a bedding studio with a wide selection of cotton bed sheets online and in store. We also offer a range of other bedding products, all made from high quality cotton, and regularly introduce new collections for you to beautify your home. India is known for its rich culture and heritage. The Indian Handloom industry is one of the oldest and its beauty and variety is legendary. Our artisans portray an art where importance is given to intricate patterns in our unique cotton bed sheets. The sector employs lakhs of weavers and most of them are women. We aim to support our artisans who are talented and their work is beyond perfection. Our bed sheets are made from pure organic cotton which is grown naturally. The fabric is breathable and doesn't cause any allergies. We ensure to deliver high quality bed sheets online which are designed to add comfort and luxury to your home."

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block printed bed sheets

What is Block Printing Art

The traditional Block Printing art on fabric is a process of printing patterns on textiles using engraved wooden blocks. A slow process, hand bloc...

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