Winter Bedding Guide

Winters are by far one of the best seasons in India. As a country with mostly warm climate conditions, cooler months are what people enjoy more in India. As temperatures drop and the air gets chilly, the need for air-conditioned rooms is replaced by the need for a warm bed. 
The gloominess of winter demands picking the right lighting and bed linen to create that perfectly warm and happy vibe in the bedroom. Here are some tips that can help you get your winter bedding right! 

Cotton Bed Sheets

Cotton bed sheets work in all seasons. Sleeping with thick blankets can cause light sweating for hot sleepers. Cotton bed sheets are breathable and absorb moisture and keep you from feeling too hot under the blanket. If the weather is extremely cold, you can always try our warm winter bed sheets made from flannel.

Get the right Quilt (Razai)

A warm quilt is all you need, right? Not true! Using the right quilt also matters. Our Cotton Quilts made from 100% Mulmul cotton are not only super soft but also long-lasting. They are not only light, but also washable that makes them easy to maintain. A lot of quilts are very dull looking, which doesn't quite help on gloomy winter days. Our hand-crafted cotton quilts with Block print art are also reversible that allows you to give your bed a different look.

Bed Covers & Cushion Covers

Every home has bed sheets! But plain bedsheets aren't always attractive, and need some throws, cushions or duvets to complement the bedding. You may also use Bed covers to dress up your bed. We offer handcrafted premium cotton bed covers that can be used in any season.

Cotton Dohar

A Dohar is a thin blanket made up of three layers. It mostly works like a comforter that can be used even while you're chilling in the lounge with guests. Our unique range of handcrafted cotton dohars offers a variety of handmade designs thanks to the efforts of Rajasthani artisans.
So go on and grab yourself some warm bedding to stay cozy in bed!