How To Remove Stains From Bed Sheets

Have you ever stained your favourite bedding? Isn't it most unpleasant to notice a stain on your bed sheets? Whether you spill your wine or coffee; sauces or chutneys; or something oily and cooked with spices like turmeric, every stain is equally disliked. The worst is when you panic because you're not sure of what to do, and you end up ruining your bed linen with unreliable methods of removing stains from your bed sheets. 

Well, worry not! We got you covered!

Here are some wonderful tips on how to remove stains from your bed sheets. Cotton fabric is delicate material and can get stains or spots quite easily.

Here's what you can do to prevent the stains from completely ruining your bedding:

  • Be quick! Time is of essence, and you must work on removing the stain as soon as you notice it. The more you delay, the tougher it gets to remove the stains.

  • Use cold water for non-oil-based stains. Soaking the bed sheet in a mix of cold water and soft detergent will help dissolve the stain better and faster. Gently rub the damaged area with your hands and wash it off.
    Avoid using hot water as it can further set the stain.

  • Hot or warm water can be used for oil-based stains as it helps to remove oily stains a bit better.

  • In case of wet stains like sweat, always blot the bedsheet with a paper towel. Paper towels prevent fabric from over-wetting and damage due to excess sweat. Never rub the wet stain with your hands.

  • We recommend not to use bleach for removing spots from bed sheets as it could weaken the bond between the thread fibres. Even though bleach works wonders, it is harsh on the material, and can destroy the bed sheet quality.

Pro Tip 1: 
Add one part baking soda to two parts water and make a paste. Apply this mixture on the affected area. It is a very good ingredient for removing stains.

Pro Tip 2: 
Another important trick is to soak your bedsheets. The soaking really helps to dissolve the stain faster.