The Timeless Art Of Ajrakh Print In India.

Ajrakh was originated in Kutch, Gujrat and it is characterised by its unique dyeing technique called resist printing. It takes skill and dedication to create a beautiful print with complex geometric and floral patterns. Traditionally four colours were used i.e., blue, black, red and white. Ajrakh art took inspiration from the universe due to its colour palette. Red goes for Earth, Black for Darkness, White for Clouds and Blue for the Universe itself. 

An interesting fact about Ajrakh is this that nature plays an important role in making. The artisans work in combinations where the sun, river, animals, trees and mud are all part of its making. Water is an important ingredient in the whole process of getting the right colour. In total, 15-16 different stages are involved in the process of dyeing and printing, which take approximately 15-21 days. Artisans use multiple blocks to generate different designs and the blocks used are complex patterns, usually floral and abstract.

Ajrakh craft products are made with all-natural dyes which include both vegetable dyes and mineral dyes. Resist printing allows only the required portion of the fabric with art, leaving the remaining portion plain or uncoloured. Ajrakh printing is done mostly using colours like Indigo, iron, jaggery, spices, fruits, flowers and mud, and then Alum is used in the process to fasten the colours. Artisans also invent new colours by mixing them in a creative way. 

When we talk about terms “sustainability” and “eco-friendly” being the latest trend, many crafts existed since and one of them is “Ajrakh” because of its unique method that can only be done by hand and typically has minor irregularities.

It has now become increasingly popular amongst block print lovers. Ajrakh is adored all over the world for its beautiful and intricate patterns all crafted by hand with natural dyes. Popular products like Bed linens, Sarees, dress material, scarves, etc, can be seen with this art on them. Check out our Ajrakh print bed sheets if you're looking to beautify your bedroom with some traditional bedsheet design.