What is Block Printing Art

What is block print art


The traditional Block Printing art on fabric is a process of printing patterns on textiles using engraved wooden blocks. A slow process, hand block printing is an age-old technique of stamping ink-dipped blocks by hand which yields beautiful artistic designs on cloth.The blocks are carved by hand in multiple numbers for each colour.  The design of motifs takes inspiration from Mughal era which range from abstract to floral patterns. Since it is a totally manual process, it is extremely difficult and therefore requires precision and skill of the greatest degree. Sometimes, two to three different blocks of different sizes are used to get one block design. 

In India, the block printing on fabrics originated in different states. Each state has a different technique to carry out the whole process of block printing. In Rajasthan it is popularly known as - Bagru, Dabu and Sanganeri prints, which features attractive motifs that represent India’s rich heritage and culture. Bagh Prints hails from Madhya Pradesh where focus is given on small floral motifs mainly of natural colours. Kalamkari Prints came from Andhra Pradesh and Ajrakh from Kutch practiced by Khatri’s community. The fabric is pre washed before carrying out the printing process which is done left to right in a sequence pattern. The time involved in the process varies depending on the level of complexity and colour variations.

Depending on your taste and preference, our range of block printed bedsheets offers you a variety of abstract, geometric, paisley patterns, as well as stunning floral motifs -- plants, tree of life, kiari, vines, fruits, vegetables etc. Quintessential and a must-have bedsheet in your collection, you cannot get enough of them. The look and feel is so subtle, it adds that elegance and class to your bedroom. No doubt that there is something that will surely fit your needs.

Made with 100% pure cotton fabric, our block print bed sheets are high quality and an assurance of a long-lasting durability and comfort. Little imperfections in block printing add to the beauty of a product, which is also a sign of handcrafted designs on our bedsheets.